• Perfection


    and the constant quest for perception
    are what characterise our athletes.
  • Passion


    for sport and management
    form the starting point for every success.
  • Trust


    is the foundation
    for achieving shared goals.
  • Loyalty


    forms the basis for our comprehensive
    and sustainable support concept.
  • Respect


    and discipline are the fundamental
    principles of our thoughts and actions.

Time for athletic excellence

There is nothing more important for top athletes in competitions than to have a clear mind, allowing them to focus on achieving athletic excellence. And this is precisely the objective of CKfirst, the sport and athlete management agency in Rosenheim. We enable our athletes to have time for what matters most by offering a full management service and supporting them in acquiring sponsors, preparing contracts and PR work, for example. This ensures the athletes have enough time to focus on their training and competitions.

Attention for companies

Sport is an important part of our society. It brings people together and imparts enthusiasm, emotion and passion. Professional athletes embody these characteristics which can easily be transferred over to companies and brands too. We gain attention for companies through partnerships with some exceptional icons.

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